About the Project


Raising awareness about e-waste is a key-enabler to foster more sustainable life-styles and raise interest in younger generations about sustainability and business opportunities of the circular economy. Producing reusable formats and materials which can be used by professionals and experts working in museums, theaters, and other similar structures/public events is a mean to reach large and wide audiences (from school to families and citizens) and help create the critical mass which is needed to change societal behaviors. The project (re)uses and enhances previous EIT projects and materials (namely AWARE, Em@S, REFER).

The goal

The goal of the REPLAY project is communicating e-waste and circular economy through events aimed at the general public and delivered in museums and other venues. The events are aimed at reaching and engaging large audiences, with the ultimate goal of promoting changes in behaviors and attitudes towards e-waste.

During the project, the events defined will be staged in Italy, Netherlands, and Finland. Feedback from participants will help enhance the formats. The instruction to stage the events and the material produced in the project will be made available under a Creative Commons license, to help ensure these formats can be repeated and taken across Europe by professionals of the communications and enthusiasts when the project ends.


This EIT Raw Materials project will be carried out in three different areas in Europe (South, Baltic Sea, and West) in order to ensure the greatest diversity in the environments for which we will prepare educational materials and formats and in which the formats will be experimented.

Deliverables and engagement

Instructions to replicate the formats realized in the project will be made available under a Creative Common license, to let science communicators and professionals easily use them. In order to transform e-waste into an opportunity and help Europe transition to a circular society we need to engage the society at large.