RePlay at Muse: Spring Talks 2021

From February to April 2021 Muse, Science Museum in Trento, offers to the wider society three saturday talks to raise awareness about repair of electronic devices.


Muse Wider society
Saturday, 10 Apr 2021
New methods to repair

Every year we Europeans produce an average of 16.2 kilograms of e-waste per person. Average that ranks us among the first places in the ranking of the largest producers of electronic waste. But let's not despair, in addition to institutional initiatives, initiatives have been born and continue to be born from below that encourage the culture of recycling and repair. On April 10 from 10 am to 12 am we invite promoters and repairers to meet virtually to investigate new ways to be traced and traveled to raise awareness on issues of circular economy and electronic waste.

Muse Wider society
Saturday, 27 Mar 2021
Arduino Day

We live in technology-laden times in history, we wake up looking at our smartphones and fall asleep using them. For us and for future generations it is important to start using technology in a conscious way. Through a series of conferences and workshops, participants will learn the importance of a conscious use of electronic devices.

Muse Wider society
Saturday, 27 Feb 2021
Repair's not dead

Repair cafes are not only repair laboratories but they are also laboratories for building society and to avoid that the repair community abandons the activities we have designed the workshop "repair's not dead". The goal was to raise awareness of e-waste issues to grow the volunteer network in the area.